White Dragon
White Dragon
Type: Spear
Attack Power: 280
Requirements: Dragon (Class)
  • Lefki Enhancement
  • Cern Enhancement
  • +5 Strength
  • +10 Agility
  • -8 Intelligence
Location(s): Found on Han Feng
Value: 5,000 Varrin
Description: The legendary blade carried by Han Feng, it gives off a positive aura as if willing it's wielder to victory.

The White Dragon is a large halberd used by Han Feng. Larger than the average spear and appearing to be quite unwieldy thanks to it's widened-shaft and the golden dragon that decorates the weapon. The shaft is actually two seperate materials, the inner part is made of some-sort of stone which acts as a conduit for Mana. The exterior appears to be made of a sort-of red wood, it is infact made of plastics and only serves to cover the interior. Wrapping around the entirety of the shaft is a serpentine dragon, made of gold and spiraling from the bottom of the spear to the blade end.