Place of Origin: Tree of Flabbergast
Age: Several thousand years old
Species: Sentient Perennial
Gender: Male Personality
Affiliation(s): Shang

Timmy is a branch from the magical Tree of Flabbergast. A tree enchanted with the ability to communicate with life around it, and known for confusing everything and everyone it speaks to. Timmy fell from the tree and given there inanimate nature, was unable to move or be returned to the tree. Instead the winds blew it across the world. It's small size allowing to be easily thrown about by weak gusts. Timmy was able to see several places over the world and eventually ended up in the forests that surrounded the town of Hale. This is when he met Shang. The woman planned to use him as fire wood, believing he was kindling. In an attempt to avoid being burned, the small branch offered himself as a guide to Shang, who accepted the offer. From then on, Timmy resided in Shang's back pack and imparted his knowledge of the world when needed.


Personality & SkillsEdit