Alteria generally follows an "Era" system (Lefki Era - LE). Started by the Mang'Kr. Each Era is defined by which Mana was out of balance, and generally chronicles a 1000 year timeframe in each era.

The Era's excluding the Pre-Era, commonly follow an ascending order. The Pre-Era is the only one that follows a descending order. (EXAMPLE: PE 3000-0. LE 0-1000, CE 0-1000 etc.)

Pre-Era YearsEdit

  • c. 3000 PE
    • Alteria is formed by Graal, Septimus and Urielkhaos.
  • c. 2990 PE
    • The Gods create life on the world.
    • Septimus creates End of Reality.
    • Urielkhaos creates the World Beyond.
    • Graal takes up his place on Alteria as his siblings take there place within there own dimensional planes, he resides to watch over the world and it's denizens.
  • c. 2500 PE
    • The land mass of Azuthurien becomes the first major realm of civilization on Alteria.
  • c. 1762 PE
    • The Great Mists form, creating an impenetrable wall around Azuthurien that would last for several thousand years.
    • Discontent with being forced to watch over the dreams of lesser beings and sharing a realm with others, (Siblings or not) Septimus creates a distortion, merging his realm with Alteria.
    • Hordes of unnatural beings spill out from the distorted lands, swarming the landmass of Azuthurien. Graal pushes these beings back single handedly in a mighty display of force.
    • The Elves, the Insem and the Hv'ar joined forces and rose to assist Graal in the defense of Azuthurien.
  • c. 1761 PE
    • After several losses to Graal and the joint armies of man, Septimus creates the Abominii a dark amalgam of all that man fears. Septimus leads his growing armies in battle against Graal. After months of prolonged fighting the battle boils down to a duel between the Gods. In single combat Septimus decimates his brother and the morale of the forces of man is eradicated.
  • c. 5 PE
    • After more than a thousand years of prolonged war the Insem, Uun, Tageth, and many other races are forced into extinction. Unwilling to allow them peace in death, Septimus sweeps these races into his fold as undead creatures known simply as Husks.
    • Even with the aid of many other species such as the Bolgran, the armies of man are on the verge of collapse. Morale remains at an extreme low, resources begin to run dry, there numbers dwindle and they are running out of places to turn to.
    • Graal continues to plea to Urielkhaos for aid, the Goddess of Balance remains silent.
    • Septimus with his Abominii and Husks marches on the Temple of the Beginning where he intends to eliminate Graal and the last pockets of resistance from Alteria's denizens.
    • The battle is short, the overwhelming numbers on Septimus' side force the armies of man into a final stand. Amassing whatever arms they can. Kings, queens, renowned warriors, lords and many others stand at the fore front of there last defenses. Intending to give there lives to deny Septimus a victory - the armies of man survive a full twenty days against constant attacks. Before they fell they managed to push back Septimus himself, showing the Gods that there creations were no lesser beings, simply because they lacked the power to create whole worlds.
    • With nothing to stand in his way Septimus at last attempts to finish off the weakened Graal.
    • Before the final blow is struck Urielkhaos at last responds to the pleas of the remaining men and women, in mere moments Septimus is defeated. His body beaten within inches of it's life. His armies decimated.
    • Septimus flees the Temple of the Beginning, followed closely by Urielkhaos. Pursued as far as the hills of An'Rillien. The continued merging of Septimus' realm with Alteria gave him more power to amass but it was nowhere near enough to beat the Goddess of Balance.
  • c. 4 PE
    • On the dawn of the next year, Urielkhaos had slain Septimus. His still beating heart was removed from his body and used as the core to keep the God of Darkness' realm stable. The merging of Alteria with his realm ended and it became a land man would only see in there dreams once more. Septimus' lifeless body was buried deep within the An'Rillien hills and his lifeforce was purged.
    • Unable to handle the immediate distortion's reversal the massive land mass of Azuthurien breaks apart becoming several smaller land masses, among them the continents of Gan'Kr, Kajim, Central and the Western and Northern continents.
    • Urielkhaos returned to her domain, while Graal went into isolation in the Temple of the Beginning. The races of man, returned to the ruins of there civilizations. While the Manas would return the world to a fitting state, man would rebuild and continue to survive.
  • c. 3 PE
    • The last of the Husks are at last slain, allowing the races that did not survive the war to finally rest in peace. The Abominii would continue to be a threat for years to come however.
  • c. 0 PE
    • As if with thoughts of it's own, the world realizes that the balance of the three Gods is no longer intact. Urielkhaos struggles to keep things in balance while Graal is slowly driven mad trying to command both the duties of his own position and that of Septimus'.
    • The Manas lose there balance, while most expected Cern to be the cause, it infact was Takata that became the dominant power as the massive increase in living natural life swept over the death caused by the war between Graal and Septimus.

Takata EraEdit

  • c. 1 TE
    • As the imbalance amongst the Manas grow, places populated by the Mana of Takata begin to show signs of unnatural mutation.
  • c. 5 TE
    • Within the mutated areas, mysterious tears in the air begin to appear. Mages claim that the world is beginning to rip open.
    • Three months after the first tear occured, now identified as "Vale Scars", several new lifeforms appear on the world. These creatures appear to be manifestations of the natural world, including: trees, plants, rocks and even dirt.
    • Worried that the war with Septimus had now brought another form of devastation to the world, the people attacked these new life forms.
  • c. 8 TE
    • After years of abuse the creatures change, stations of evolution are exhibited and the new strains of these beings prove to be aggressive, attacking and destroying the races that attacked them first.
    • Cycles of death and carnage begin anew on the world of Alteria as fierce battles between the races of man and the manifestations of Takata grow.
  • c. 987 TE
    • Archmage Berag Lohevi discovers that the origination of the creatures that manifested nearly one thousand years ago were created by the Mana of Takata and the imbalance with the other Manas were the reason that the other Manas were failing.
    • A small group of warriors, containing beings of every race, assisted by an Etz known as Banyan, the group set out to find a way to create balance among the Manas once again.
  • c. 992 TE
    • The Manas of Lefki and Kekzhou were successfully brought into a state of balance with one another, all that remained were the Manas of Cern and Takata. Cern had become the closest in power to Takata following it's increase in power due to the immense number of deaths caused by the constant fighting between the Takatan-beings and the races of men.
    • A massive horde of the undead clash with the Etz and the Golems. During the fighting the Hv'ar join the losing Takatans.
    • Despite a victory against the undead, the Hv'ar's numbers dwindle and their race nears extinction. They pass their teachings onto the fledgling race, the Mang'Kr.
    • The group of warriors, aided by the Takatans, slay the King of the Dead and return Cern to balance with Lefki and Kekzhou.
    • Deep within a forest swimming in Takata's energies, the group of warriors fight a gargantuan monstrosity known as Bergrisar. After it is defeated the Etz, Banyan becomes the Tree of Souls. Using the power of the Mang'Kr warrior Ger, Banyan is able to close up the "Vale Scars" and Takata is returned to the balance of the other Manas. Ger's heart is placed within Banyan's bark giving the Mang'Kr immortality and an eternal role as the guardian of Takata.
  • c. 993 TE
    • A state of peace falls on Alteria. The Takatan races and the races of men stop fighting. The races work together to continue repairing the damages left over from the war with Septimus, as well as the newly-made damages of the events with the Mana imbalance. The many races begin to conduct trade with each other.
    • The fledgling race of Mang'Kr and the few remaining Hv'ar are the first race to leave the Central Continent, sailing East, they found the continent that would become known as Gan'Kr.
    • The warriors that defeated Bergrisar and returned the Manas to balance are hailed as Heroes, the world comes to know them as the Four Legends. Stories and folklore of these heroes becomes popular and widespread. The Tree of Souls becomes a place of pilgrimage for many Mages and a monument to the Etz Banyan is built in the city of Gorhall.

Cern EraEdit

Kekzhou EraEdit

Lefki EraEdit

  • c. 1000 LE
    • The Elven Empire reaches it's peak, with Elenimora as it's capital.
    • With the Mana of Lefki returning into balance, the world enters the Mezzrill Era.

Mezzrill EraEdit

  • c. 998 ME

Balance EraEdit

  • c. 20 BE
    • Alteria: The Rise of Septimus begins.
    • The Gaul Empire's Northern Campaign ends in victory.
      • Vaughn Anurou is exiled from the Gaul Empire, for the crime of desertion during the Northern Campaign.
    • Cao Ci is assassinated. Three days after being found, the body disappeared.