Tǔ Dì
Capital: Tensa
Official Language: Tan Gensho, Míshī Shé
Demonym: Easterners
Formation: 573 CE
Currency: Dao
Major Cities:
  • En
  • Ko
  • Jian Nang
  • Tenneth Ila
  • Wolf's Peak
  • Mt. Zhen

Tǔ Dì, more commonly known as the Eastern Territories, is a large stretch of land on the eastern-most part of the Central Continent. Governed by several warlords that are constantly at war with one another, the territory has served as a sign of ever present chaos that surrounds Alteria since there earliest days. Despite the constant wars, the Eastern Territories serves as a culturally filled land and is home to many ancient landmarks of the Mang'Kr's first contact with the lands of Humans.