Hometown: Ganu'u
Date of Birth: 998 ME
Age: 22
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:
  • Black (Originally)
  • Red (After Dream Phase)
Class: Warrior
  • Gaul Empire
"I never asked to become the saviour of the world, I expect a pay check at the end of this..."
―Typical Shang[src]

Shang Kalim was a female Human and the protagonist of Alteria: The Rise of Septimus. She belonged to the Kalim family, a house of nobles that governed over the city of Hallow Peak. Tenmin, Shang's father, raised his daughter in the rural town of Ganu'u.

At age five Shang was discovered to carry the potential to use Magic and her mother Asala began teaching her. Shang was also taught martial combat skills from her father, swordsmanship and archery included. Her life became a long regimen of training and by the time she hit the age of twenty, she had become quite the pessimist. At age 18 Shang joined the Gaul-Imperial army. Her considerable years of training under her father led to a quick graduation from the academy in the Imperial city. She became a member of the Sand Legion within the army and was one of the many participants of the Empire's Northern Campaign.

She fought during the battle of the Garin forests. Her unit was part of the vanguard attempting to break through the Barbarian forces so that they could push on into the city of Gesallem. The battle turned into a massacre of the Imperial forces as many of the units making the push were cut down and slaughtered. Shang's unit was among them, although she was able to survive the battle thanks to the assistance of her fellow soldiers, Luke and Corzik. A few days after the battle, Shang had joined up with the main unit of the Sand Legion as one of only eight survivors from the first attack. After Shang and the other survivors gave their tales of the events they were given leave from the campaign and were sent to the Imperial city with a current report of events. After her arrival in the Imperial city, Shang received transport to the city of Hallow Peak to visit her cousin Zane, the current governor..


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Game Changes:Edit

While in the novel and comic Shang's name and gender will have already been predetermined, the game will only feature her as a female and carrying the name by default. At the game's beginning the player will be allowed to choose if they wish to play as a male or female character and will be allowed to choose a name for the character as they see fit. Players will also be allowed to choose Shang's class. Again in the novel and comic she will fill the role of a warrior, while in game the class can be selected from Archer, Mage or Warrior. Choosing the default selections will not provide any form of favour over being more personal.


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