Magic is the name given to arcane mysteries that Mages in the world of Alteria wield. It is the product of four natural energies that control the very balance of the world's existence, known as Mana. When the scales are tipped in the favour of one Mana the balance is broken and the world is thrown into danger. As this single Mana grows more powerful it's brothers become weaker and the natural workings of Alteria begin to fall apart. The oceans dry up, landmasses crumble and any semblance of natural order is destroyed. Magic itself is born from these Mana and it's continued existence hinders on the balance.

Each kind of Mana rests within certain terrains as either the creator of these places or the guardian of them. Each Mana carries within them different characteristics, feelings and attributes. Some they share with other Manas and other times clash with them. The Manas have also shown to carry a will of there own for good or ill, depends on the view.

Festivals, celebrations and many other cultural points serve as tributes to the Manas. Every living being on Alteria has the ability to use Magic, but it is un-common for many to have the capacity or knowledge in actually wielding it. There are many organizations and cults dedicated to Mana and Magic such as the Order of Mages or the Followers of Ruin.


"Lefki. The Mana of the open fields and walled cities. Reflective of purity, protection and order. Capable of cleansing the impurities wrought by violence and chaos. Lefki also allows mighty enchantments to be imbued within objects, such as weapons and armour."
―Introduction to Mana, Lefki

Lefki, (Lef-key) one of the four manas that control the natural balance of Alteria. Viewed as the mana that governs the great open plains and the man-made civilizations of the beings that live on this world. Lefki takes root in such places, allowing it to manifest in this world. Thought to be the Mana that once sustained the life of the God, Graal. It was categorized by the Order of Mages as a Mana that embodies purity and protection, due to it's effectiveness in the field of healing and the many protective enhancements it can be used to create. It is viewed as a symbol of Order by many. Lefki was the last of the four Manas to lose it's balance (Becoming dominant over the other Manas). Lefki found itself to be one of the easiest to return to balance. It is the natural opposite of the Mana, Cern.


"Kekzhou. The Mana of hardened metals and the hidden depths of the mind. The will behind technology, knowledge and deception. It oft-takes the form of magically-constructed yet archaic technologies, and powerful rituals to impart the will of the living onto the inanimate."
―Introduction to Mana, Kekzhou

Kekzhou (Kek-Show) is one of the four Manas that control the natural balance of Alteria. Seen as the Mana that governs the mind of craftsmen and scholars everywhere. It is believed that Kekzhou somehow influences the creation of new technologies and the reinforcement, or advancement of current ones. In the realm of the written word it is thought that Kekzhou inspires beings to record there histories for the future generation and to utilize such a craft to bring about enjoyment or further a people's development. However it is also thought to embody deception. As history is oft-times written by the victor, while weapons exist for the advancement of warfare. Kekzhou governs the minerals and resources around the world and is thought to manifest in places where such things are prominent. Kekzhou was the third Mana to lose it's balance, it is notable as the only known circumstance where the balance shifted outside of natural interference. Kekzhou became dominant on Alteria when the Allodians transformed there homeland into a desolate wasteland, ruled only by technology. This Mana is the opposite of Takata.


"Takata. The Mana of lush forests and exotic jungles. The embodiment of unification, honesty and instinct. Hailed as the symbol of the kingdom of beasts, Takata is known for it's unusually creative power over the land and it's ability to share the minds of men with the will of the animals."
―Introduction to Mana, Takata

Takata (Ta-ka-ta) is one of the four Manas that control the balance on Alteria. It serves the role of most natural forces and governs the animal kingdom. Takata takes root in many places - constantly flowing through the very earth people walk on. However it's sources lie in the forbidden, ancient forests and jungles that have never been set upon by the eyes of man. Embodying honesty and unification, many justice systems claim the blessing of Takata so that the truth will be revealed and many multi-racial nations often hold celebrations to Takata in the name of unity. Takatan magic has deep ties to the land around it and the creatures to which it is called governer. It allows mages to terraform the very terrain into deadly weapons and traps and is the only magic that allows it's users to transform into great and mighty beasts. The first Mana to break from the balance, dominating Alteria with immense land shifts and natural disasters. Takata is the natural opposite of Kekzhou.


"Cern. The unholy child of Septimus. The Mana of lifeless wastelands of ice and sand, the master of great seas of flame. The keeper of forsaken battlefields and bone-filled graveyards. Looked upon by man as the inherent evil in all things. Cern commands the power to rouse the dead from their slumber and bring about demonic abominations from a land not of it's own. Perhaps the most variable of the Manas, Cern has the power to corrupt the minds of man, drain the lives of the foolish and empower those that covet it's will. Waves of sea and fire stand at it's beck and call while decay takes the stance as it's most powerful tool."
―Introduction to Mana, Cern - The Forbidden

Cern (Ser-in) is one of the four Manas that control the balance of Alteria. Hated by the races of man and held responsible for all misfortune that they face. It is in fact a simple scapegoat. Cern is to blame because man cannot take responsibility for it's own actions. However in response to this it appears Cern had taken the role that man designated it. Named the Unholy Child of Septimus (However it has no single connection to the God as all Mana sired from the trio of Gods together), Cern is thought to symbolize the frozen wastelands and scorching deserts of Alteria while as well serving as the last vessel present on horrific battlefields and silent graves. It commands the oceans, and pollutes it's natural denizens creating a mass of vile and destructive monsters. Immense towers of flame rage, razing civilizations to the ground and rendering once thriving species as ash. As if to beckon the call of the demented Cern offers power to those who serve it's will - the ability to invade the mind of others, to drain the lifeforce of ones lessers, to forge dark talismans of power, to raise the dead as vile minions - these are but a few of the gifts Cern will grant to it's minions. However Cern appears to have much greater power than most realize. Serving as the reason one should fear time, Cern commands decay - all will come to an end as man has demanded of Cern. Discontent with it's title Cern has forged an un-natural connection with a world that man cannot enter, a world filled with Hellish monstrosities that serve the commands of this mighty Mana. The second Mana to leave it's balance and become dominant, Cern very well near destroyed all life on Alteria and only grew stronger with each death until it was finally put to rest by the five Heroes. It is naturally opposite to Lefki, although many will go so far to say that it is the opposite of all Manas, the darkness to entomb the light.