Leto Rinfalin
Hometown: Elenimora
Date of Birth: 973 ME
Age: 47
Species: Elven
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 153 lbs
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Purple
  • Elenimora
  • Gaul Empire
"Spiders? We have to fight spiders?! There are only two things in this world I hate. And this is one of them, the others is you at the moment."
―Leto to his teacher

Leto Rinfalin is the current leader of the Elven Kingdom. His youthful looks confuse many of those around him and believe him as nothing more than a teenager.

His family has been ruling the Elven kingdom as far back as recorded history. He is said to be related to the elven goddess. This would explain his knowledge and his young appearance. He rules over the elves from one of the minor castles in Elenimora. He like his younger "sister" Lyra have the purple hair of royals.

He is able to give aid to those who seek it and can teach anyone to use the magic of natures. He is a fiction nut and will spend hours on end reading through the many legends of their worlds. He does not know much about humans however and some see that as a way to challenge his right to rule.

He teaches in a small academy to those childen of Elenimora that possess a talent for magical abilities


Born to a sickly mother and a commonly busy father Leto was any thing but normal. After his mother's death at childbirth Leto was shuffled through nurse after nurse until his father was finally finished grieving over the loss of his wife.

When Leto was no more than 5 years old he showed the talents of a mage, one that had not been seen since before the hume empire. These talents however were discovered when he nearly burnt part of the palace down with a sneeze. Since there was nowhere to train the young prince he was taught by a human mage who resided in the palace as a liaison between the elves and the humes.

At the age of 15 his father died suddenly of what the healers suspected as a heart attack. And once Leto was coronated he took the crown in less than a month after his father's death.

It was no more than a year later when a mysterious girl entered his life claiming to be a sister. Lyra looks to be a carbon copy of Leto however what she is remains a secret to the King himself.

At current he runs a small academy to train the many elven children that seem to be gaining the powers of magicks. A sure sign to him that something is wrong in the lands.


Leto, like the many generations of royal elves before him has the trademark purple hair of his status. As well as the youthful appearance. Considered taller than most other elves Leto is the average height of a normal male hume. His eye color reflects his status as favored by the gods as it was rumored that the Goddess Demale also had purple eyes. He is of moderate build slim but not skinny and muscular.

Personality & SkillsEdit

Personality wise Leto is laid back and quite calm when things around him seem to crumble. However when an call to aid is given he becomes a commanding officer in the small army that surrounds the outskirts of Elenimora.

Skill wise he commands some of the strongest magicks listed in Elven and Hume text. Whether this is a side effect of having talent at such a young age or be the goddess blessing herself has yet to be seen. He favors fire magicks.


Leto's name was inspired by the "Sun God Leto" in Fullmetal Alchemist. It comes down to them both being supposed god-like beings. His copy Lyra is also named for a character in the show.

Leto's game sprite was one of the first elven characters to be designed.

Leto was originally planned by one of the creators to have been the name of the Elven goddess, before said creator settled on Demale.