Han Feng
Han Feng
Hometown: Jian Nang (Adopted)
Date of Birth: 985 ME
Age: 35
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Class: Dragon
Affiliation(s): Unknown
"Han Feng, the Dragon of Jian Nang is here!"
―Han Feng[src]

Han Feng, also known as the White Dragon is a Human male born in parts unknown. Han Feng has been a prominent figure in recent years as his incredible strength has come to be viewed as a sign of the chaotic times. While factions such as the Kingdom of Allodia and the Gaul Empire believe that he must be killed in order to help end the chaos, smaller factions try to curry favour with him in attempts to have him join them. This changed when Han raised his own forces and made a foothold for himself in the city of Jian Nang.

Han Feng's reputation brought him many enemies. Those who wished to use him, now sought to end him before he became too large a threat. However his reputation also brought him a sizeable army for which to fend off his enemies. Chief among them were the three warriors Dan Sei, Jian Rai and Ying Yuan. These warriors were not enough to keep his enemies at bay in the end. A coalition of smaller factions joined together and a war between Han Feng's army and the coalition begun. The war ended shortly after it began. While Han Feng and his main forces attacked the fortress of Tenneth Ila, the coalition captured Jian Nang and soon surrounded the fort before it could fall. The ensuing battle saw the destruction of Han Feng's forces. All were assumed to have died, but Han somehow survived the battle.

Unhindered by the loss of his armies, Han Feng became a roaming warrior. Challenging the strongest and most renown warriors around Alteria. Wind of his survival reached the ears of the Gaul Empire, and bounties were quickly placed on his head. To this day, he has still to be captured or slain.


Early LifeEdit

Han Feng was born in the year of 985 of the Mezzrill Era, Han Feng was the eldest of two sons and one daughter of Han Shang, an infamous pirate that was often employed by the Eastern Warlords as a mercenary. The majority of his younger life was spent training under the pirate Daimu Rasa and later the way of the Dragon practitioner Xi Liao. In 5 BE, Feng returned to his father's side. The two set off together with Shang's pirates to join Lord Dosan as his forces prepared for battle with the approaching Osai forces. The battle ended in disaster and Han Feng was one of the few to survive. Han Shang had been tasked with attacking the Osai force's base with a fire attack, but he and the majority of his men were slain by the superior numbers of the Osai.

Feng brought his father's body to the summit of Mt. Tennoh where he would be laid to rest alongside Feng's mother Liang Xiang and his mentor Xi Liao. By 7 BE, Han Feng had been working under the employ of Lord Hidemitsu, who often commented that he had no son like Feng, in attempts to curry favour with him. When negotiations with the governer of Yian Qi became unfavourable, Hidemitsu dispatched Han Feng to slay the man and whatever forces guarded the city, promising to appoint him governer of the city should he succeed. However General Ling was appointed as governer instead. Hidemitsu believed he could keep Han Feng on a leash this way, which proved easily unsuccessful. Two months after the capture of Yian Qi, Hidemitsu ordered Feng to prepare to march on the capital city of Tensa to pave the way for the Eastern Territory's new Emperor (Hidemitsu himself).

Feng prepared for the march by recruiting a large amount of civilian soldiers and requested troops from Hidemitsu, only to be denied. At this time Feng recruited the warrior Dan Sei, who would servse as one of his most trustworthy allies in later years. Unsatisfied and annoyed at the treatment he was receiving from Hisemitsu, Han Feng decided to turn on his lord. With his forces, Feng marched on the city of Yian Qi - which fell within hours due to General Ling's meager strategic skills and the initial surprise that they had been betrayed. Immediately after, Feng's forces marched on Jian Nang to kill Hidemitsu, a task that went easily accomplished as many of his men deserted there ranks after the news of Ling's death and Yian Qi's fall. News of Hidemitsu's death and Feng's rise spread like wildfire and the Eastern Territories began to change rapidly.

Rising WarlordEdit

With Jian Nang as his power base, Han Feng decided that he would enter the never-ending civil wars that plagues the Eastern Territories. He had no desire to rid the country of the wars, or sought some goal of peace and freedom, instead Feng simply wished to enter the fray in order to find himself a challenge on the battlefield. Regardless of his motivations, Feng was popular with the people because of his rather easy going nature and the sense of security he provided. His reputation caused warriors of all kinds to flock to his side. Upon hearing of his rise, Han Feng's younger sister Han Fang, who had been living in the village of Huzhan with Daimu Rasa, another survivor of the fateful battle with the Osai. The two journeyed to Jian Nang, through Kuaiji where they encountered the scholar Jian Rai, whom they convinced to join Han Feng as well.

When Fang, Rasa and Rai arrived in Jian Nang, Han Feng was currently absent as he personally led a meager force of 500 troops to attack Chang Shan, a territory of the Osai Forces. Arriving in the small city, Han Feng and his men found it to be entirely empty, they decided to set up camp within the city for the night before they continued to march on. In the middle of the night the Osai army surrounded the town. Making there presence known by lighting torches and raising flags carrying the banner of the Osai. Feng and his men tightened there defenses as best they could but the Osai's overwhelming numbers kept morale low. Han Feng left his soldiers to form a proper plan to escape while he and anyone with the courage left to fight the enemy. The leader of the Osai forces turned out to be Ying Yuan, a warrior known for his ambushing tactics. This wasn't to say he was weak, in fact he was quite strong in his own right. And knowing of Han Feng's reputation, Yuan challenged the enemy commander to a duel. As was to be expected of Han Feng, the man accepted the challenge - and the two commanders were soon charging towards each other on horse back. The duel was long and fierce, neither duelist was able to gain an upperhand in there fight, but they seemed to be enjoying the fight despite it. The men constantly complimented each other on the other's skills and when the fight reached it's pique, Han Feng offered Ying Yuan a place in his forces. The Osai commander was taken a-back by this at first, confused at why such an offer could be appealing. In the end he agreed to it. The Osai were corrupt and the people under them would only suffer. Ying Yuan called off his forces and promised to return once he had gathered all of his men. The battle of Chang Shan ended on that note, and Feng's forces returned to Jian Nang.

Tensa OffensiveEdit

In 8 BE Han Feng made plans to march on the capital city of Tensa. While the nearby Osai forces were a large threat, Feng didn't seem to pay them any heed. Jian Rai, given the position of strategist for the Feng Army, formed an appropriate plan. The border's of there territories were fortified while Han Fang, Ying Yuan and Daimu Rasa were left to defend there lands. Han Feng, Jian Rai and Dan Sei then begun there march towards Tensa. The Feng forces were going to make a three way march, breaking off from Chang Shan - Han Feng would take the Northern path through the city of En, the territory of Cao Bao. Jian Rai would take the North Eastern path into Liu Quan's territory - specifically the city of Deng Zhi. Dan Sei was to march the North Western path through the mountains of Wolf's Peak, which also belonged to Cao Bao.

Battle of KoEdit

General Dan Sei was left in charge of the city of Tensa while Han Feng prepared to march West to the city of Ko.

Fall at Tenneth IlaEdit

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Sign of the TimesEdit

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Han Feng stands at seven foot, two inches, with short yet spikey black hair. Grey pupils colour his eyes while a large scar reaches down his left eye. On top of this scar is another scar that reaches out on to the bridge of Han Feng's nose. The man's skin pigment is a mild tan. Feng wears a black vest with white outlinings. Darkened bandages cover his forearms and his hands, serving as makeshift gauntlets. His legwear is made up of steel armoured leggings, black in colour. The boots follow the same design as the leggings, most likely coming from the same armour set. Feng also wears a circlet around his forehead, golden by material, simplistic by design.

Later Han Feng would change this attire to a full set of armour which lacked upper arm and head protection, allowing Feng his usual freedom of movement.

Personality & SkillsEdit

Han Feng is a rather single minded individual. His only goal is to find an opponent that can stand against him at an equal level. Everything else pales in comparison in his mind. While he seems to be an overly-lax individual, Han is a powerful fighter, able to take on legions of enemies single-handedly. Han is both cocky and arrogant, believing that he will automatically win every fight he engages in, although it is not unfounded as it has proven true so far.

The man has gained a reputation as being untrustworthy. As his goal is to find an enemy who can match his strength he will even turn on allies at a moments notice if they show any possible potential at beating him.

Han Feng has been trained in several forms of fighting. From unarmed combat, to spear and even archery combat. While his preference lays in the large halberd he wields, he is quite flexible in the field of combat and is rarely challenged, even when using new weapons. Showing that he seems to have a natural affinity for such things. Alongside his martial skills, Han is also an adept horse rider and is often seen on the fields of battle with his steed Shadowmark.

Han commonly uses the Manas of Cern and Lefki in combat. Almost subconsciously he uses there respective magics as pure destructive power. This is a sign that Han has never actually been trained to use Magic, and carries some sort of affinity for them. While the magical abilities inherent of both Cern and Lefki separately or together are beyond Han Feng's capabilities, the sheer destructive force he can command with them more than makes up for it.


Blue Glass Arrow Main Article: Dragon

An ancient form of fighting, taught in the Eastern Territories by the Mang'Kr. It's teachings were all but lost after the Battle of Mt. Zhen at the end of the Mezrill Era. It's practitioners were trained in complex arts and powerful techniques that combined the powers of all Manas to some degree. An almost purely offensive style of combat.

As a member of the Dragon class, Han Feng can specialize in the Cern oriented Way of Zemelus or the Lefki oriented Way of Argaron.

Starting EquipmentEdit

White DragonWhite Dragon Halberd
HarmourWhite Dragon Armour
CircletPirate Circlet

Han Feng Specific EquipmentEdit

White DragonWhite Dragon Halberd
HarmourWhite Dragon Armour
CircletPirate Circlet
RingFather's Blessing
NecklaceQiao's Amulet


  • Han Feng is partially based on an Original Character of the same name created for the Dynasty Warriors game series. He is also partly based on the famous Chinese warrior, Lu Bu.