Elves are one of the most numerous races found on the world of Alteria. While they originally outnumbered the Humans on the Central Continent, things have changed as the Elves migrated to the Western Continent. There largest populations centers are there, but mirred in politics and traditions. The leader of the Elves, stays in Elenimora, the homeland of the Elves on the Central Continent, where he is surrounded by Humans on all fronts.

Society & CultureEdit


All Elves worship the Goddess Demale, who was written to have created the planet from a single teardrop that fell from her face at the death of her child. She then took the planet and molded it out as she saw fit creating oceans, landmasses and the creatures with in. There were no people however and herself feeling lonely created the elves from clay and mud. She then taught them to speak her language and write her words. They revered her as she showed them how to work the land and create farms and clothes.

She gave them knowledge that would help them grow into the Empire they are today.

There is a greatly loved fairytail among elven children that Demale fell in love with a young elven man and though she could not stay with him all of the time she visited him during the nights to steal him away. Every night for many years she would visit this young man who thanks to her love for him never aged. Giving up her Deity status for just one night she was able to become pregnant by the man. In secret she bore his child and hid her away. But soon she saw that the young man became depressed every time a friend of his died because he himself could not die due to the goddess' love for him. She one night told him she loved him no more and released him from her otherworldly powers handing him the child she bore who herself had been locked in the eternal youth of babehood. The young man went on to unite the people under Demale's name and it was said that as the first king he was the ancestor of the current king Leto who remains youthful even as he nears 50 years of age.

While the elven people have lived under the rules told to them by Demale there are those who reject her rules and wisdom and live as humans do worshipping their gods. They are usually not castrated from the rest of the elven kind though there are those within who do so. They usually live in smaller towns on the outcroppings of Elenimora and are farmers.



Major Elven KingdomsEdit


The large castle town of Elenimora houses many of the inhabitants of the royal family. The palace its self is surrounded by water of a small lake protected on all sides by a large barrier wall. Though there are no class creeds between nobles and those of lesser wealth they are intermingled in modest housing. The main exports of the town it's self are its famed silks and prized wines. There is a small academy set up near the palace for the teaching of magicks and healing technics. As one travels farther from the castle town the land opens up to a beautiful lush farmlands where many of the small kingdoms produce and capital come from.

The palace gates are never locked and are open for visitors at any time of the day. Assassins however are dealt with swiftly and painfully. Usually by the king himself or some of his most trusted generals.

Population of Elenimora ranges between 200,000 citizens to 300,000 depending on the year and season.

Major Elven OrganizationsEdit

The White OrderEdit

The Followers of Esgalion The ÉmigréEdit

A rare elven kind, the Followers of Esgalion are a small cultural rift who separated from the greater elven community in 224 CE, towards the beginning of the Cernic Era. They are the descendents of the Elves who fallowed Esgalion Arinior, the most powerful and wise Evish practitioner of Cernic magic - up to that point in history, into self-exile. They are now found in the icy water marshes of a northern island called Edhelvalan by the followers. In obscure elvish, the name means distant elf-land.

The original followers of Esgalion had been killed at different points during the chaotic times of the Cernic Era, usually as a result of battles and wars fought. Esgalion himself is believed to have been slain towards the end of the Cernic Era, but his body had never been found. Since then, the Followers of Esgalion are almost never seen outside the Edhelvalan marshes and contrary to popular belief amongst the larger elven community, the Followers of Esgalion are not inherently evil. Most of the time they are neutral observers who stay secluded within their own lands.