Welcome to the Alteria Project WikiEdit

Alteria Project is a collaborative wiki about the independent multimedia project Alteria: Rise of Septimus, developed by Benny Maxwell, Kevin Martin and Sage Lange.

Alteria Project begun in early 2010 as an idea to write a novel, between Kevin and Benny. Shortly after the two started to create concepts for there own little universe. With that came the idea to make a game and a comic to follow along with the novel. They also have side stories and other plans to continue developing this little universe of there's long after Rise of Septimus is completed. Over the course of the past several months, Kevin and Benny had been developing a history for there universe, creating characters and generally forming a base for the world that the stories will take place in. Kevin also took up the assistance of friends on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forum in procuring artwork for the game (Such as the title screen, ending screen and various other things). In October 2010, Sage Lange, a friend of Kevin's and aspiring writer joined the team. From there the story is continuing it's development, with the first chapter of the novel being written, the first chapter of the comic quickly following behind and the game in very good stages of development.