Alteria: The Rise of Septimus (Novel)
  • Benny Maxwell
  • Kevin Martin
  • Sage Lange
Cover Artist: Seithe
Language: English
Genre(s): Fantasy
Media type: Digital

Alteria: The Rise of Septimus is an up-coming web novel written by Benny Maxwell, Kevin Martin and Sage Lange. It is where the original concept for the project began and is very likely to be the first of the three to be finished.


Chapter I: BeginningEdit

"When the age arrives, when Gods turn on each other. When they forsake the land that they have birthed. Chaos will take their place. Balance will disappear and the world shall suffer. Times will only change when the people of this land realize that they are not bound by this change. Peace will only return when the inhabitants of this world seek to change. Chaos will give way to Balance once more, and the people will no longer need their deities."
―Mandate of the Church